Fresh Food At The Office CBK


Fresh food is a staple at The Office CBK as we have a particular treatment to be sure that our consumers constantly get the best of active ingredients. That consists of prompt shipments and preserving a brief life span. Here is a more detailed take a look at how we make certain that every customer is ensured fresh food.


Some dining establishments and bars have distinguishing top priorities. There are some that stress turnover while others worry quality. At The Office CBK, we have actually made it a top priority to serve clients just fresh local food. That has actually enabled us to establish a system that guarantees food is utilized immediately.

Life span

Every facility that serves food needs to stockpile on components. It is essential to understand precisely how much to buy and when to purchase it. At The Office CBK, none of our food has a life span of more than 7 days. We thoroughly mark all our food products and when that week is up, any staying food products are disposed of. We never ever hang onto any of our menu products beyond that time limitation.


Food shipments are made at The Office CBK 3 times a week to make sure freshness. Our management personnel is really specific about when those shipments get here. Those time slots are picked to make sure the utmost freshness of food components. We likewise order from credible suppliers who have enduring track records in the market.

Regional suppliers

The Office CBK takes pride in buying items from regional suppliers and farms. We comprehend that these suppliers become part of the material of South Carolina commerce. They likewise supply quality food, which we can provide ideal to our tables. Clients can feel confident that we add to regional supplier and farmers, bringing freshness with every bite.

Quality assurance

Tracking food stock is a full-time job at The Office CBK. Our quality assurance is thoroughly performed as we have staff member inspecting our local Indian Land SC restaurant food products for freshness every day. That implies reviewing every menu product and every set of active ingredients to guarantee they are at their best. This is a comprehensive procedure that is addressed daily.


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