The Problems of Standing Water in Crawlspaces


Many residences could have a higher potential to hold water and collect moisture in the lowest part of their home: the basement. If your area receives a large amount of rain, has a constant high humidity or water holding in the soil then this may be you. Thankfully there are a number of ways to address these kinds of issues and various actions you can take before anything gets out of hand. We spoke to the top team at Carolina Crawlspace Pros,, to learn more!

Check out the outside of your home to see where the water may flow around your home and property; check around the base of the hoe looking for downward angles and slopes. Try to update your landscaping so that these slopes move water away from your home because if it settles there it could eventually seep all the way through the walls and exterior and make its way into your home… effectively threatening the very foundations.

Make sure to check all water sources going both to and from your home to be sure that all connections are tight and secure. Any kind of leak at any point in the process of taking water into and out from your home could lead to serious cause for concern, especially over time. Standing water could develop in your home and you may not even be aware of it until it is too late. Ultimately, encapsulating your crawlspace is the best and most complete solution for these issues.

Also, after heavy rainfall and extensive moist weather you should make sure to check everything once again as any kind of excessive moisture could lead to a potential issue or even worse: mold spores. If your power is inactive from a storm your sump pump is rendered ineffective and could cause massive water buildups across your home. Make sure you have a drying fan installed as well as an extra measure and if you really want to forget about your troubles you can opt for a full basement waterproofing charlotte nc service.

Windows and surrounding fortitudes are often used to help manage air flow and safely contain your home’s basement or crawl space. Often times these solutions while also preventing water from coming in can effectively keep moisture buildups from getting out too. Make sure to air out your basement regularly.

The experienced professionals at Carolina Crawlspace Pros have all the knowledge necessary to tackle any small or major issue you might be having with the moisture in your home. We cater our advanced solutions to each and every home we inspect and endeavor to provide to best possible services at the best possible prices for every job.

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