Volunteers teamed up to collect more than a hundred kilos of trash from Lady’s Mile beach in Limassol in Cyprus.

Cyprus Ecological Movement (CEM), the non-profit which organized the event in collaboration with the Green Party Youth Wing, RESET Cy and NGOs Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), said in a press release how the volunteers collected over 107 kilos of trash in almost an hour.

The event is meant to highlight the plight of debris collection – this was seen from 68% of the total trash collected being plastic materials. Cigarette butts made up a major portion of this – and overall constituted 43% of the trash.

According to Natasa Ioannou, CEM’s General Secretary, this collection of waste, while a win in and of itself is also a major warning with regards to the management of waste products in and around coastlines.

She further emphasized that the fact that over 40 kilos worth of bulkier materials really stresses the need for people, corporations and the government at large to be on a much higher level of awareness – both for the safety of humans and animals, and for the better health of the environment.