The Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus has launched an investigation into the Cyprus Police Force on grounds of finance and compliance matters.

According to Philenews, which broke the story, the former began its Investigation in January 2023, focusing on 3 main issues that involve police services within the public domain.

In particular, the matters concern the compliance audits of 2015 to 2023, 2022’s financial audit and certain submitted complaints concerning said audits.

According to some inside sources, the investigation is also partially focused on police’s behavior with regards to out-of-court complaints, their in-house system of photocopying and their conduct with the Department of Aliens and Migration.

Last but not least, the Audit Office is also looking in to the Police Security Commission’s system of issuing licenses and permits for carrying weapons.

Their latest development includes have sent an inquiry to the Police with regards to their legal status whereby they allow certain members to carry their weapons even outside their shifts – or to members of the public.