Most Students in Cyprus have Insufficient Reading Proficiency, says OECD


OECD’s PISA test results have revealed that a major percentage of Cypriot students lack even the basic required proficiency in reading.

According to PISA international assessments, over sixty one percent of children of 15 years of age are insufficient at reading.

In the same age bracket, fifty two percent of students had subpar skills in physical science and fifty two percent lacked math skills.

Average score in Cyprus for mathematics was 418 – lower than PISA’s 472 average and the average score of forty seven nations. The island nation’s scores are at par with Bulgaria and Moldova and are above thirty two other countries.

Average score in Cyprus for physical science was 411 – lower than PISA’s 480 average as well as the average score of fifty one countries. Cyprus’ scores are equal to nine other countries, with twenty other nations behind it.

Average score in Cyprus for reading comprehension was 381 points, much less than the 468 PISA average and lower than sixty-one other countries. Cyprus’ scores are similar to that of three nations, and stands above that of sixteen other nations.