More than ten thousand people have reportedly visited Cyprus’ Travel Expo.

The event, held on the fairgrounds, had visitors from all over the country as well as the world – all of whom were excited and impressed to see the available travel packages.

A collaborative effort by Display Art Plc and the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA), the expo was indeed a resounding success – having civilians and stakeholders of the tourism industry coming together to explore tourism further.

The ACTA’s press release said that attendees were able to browse through a myriad of travel packages – and got clarity on things like experiences and destinations, and of course choosing the packages most suited to them.

The organizers, who themselves were very impressed, expressed their emotions by calling the Expo a “triumph.” Several have remarked that they would be happy to play the same, if not a better role in the event in the following year.

The event has several famous participants, including the Cyprus Agrotourism Company, the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism, regional Cypriot boards, and of course, the Greek National Tourism Organization. Several niche tourist organizations were also present, as were tourism specialists from other European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Travel agency reps, airline official, cruises and local municipalities were also among the hundreds who participated.