Many are panicking in Turkish Cyprus in the aftermath of the multiple quakes which devastated southern Turkey and happened due to movement over the very Faultline that Cyprus lays upon.

Fearing aftershocks and/or other earthquakes, the government of Turkish Cyprus has speeded up the evaluation of earthquake resistance for all public buildings, especially hospitals & schools.

The party leader Ünal Üstel even had a high-priority meeting with all the eighteen mayors of the island nation to devise a series of measures needed to be taken should an earthquake occur.

An earthquake audit committee was established as a result of this, which started its activities by launching a countrywide building audit, which would start with public buildings.

Additionally, the Civil Defense Directorate demarcated assembly for people in the scenario of a potential earthquake.

The Faultline, popularly called “The Cyprus Arc,” is situated on Hatay’s continuation on the Faultline of Eastern Anatolia, and is a major cause for scare among Turkish Cypriots.