The president of Cyprus has moved forward with his plan to shake-up his Cabinet.

So far, the ministers of justice, defense, environment and health, along with deputy ministers of European affairs and digital policy have all been replaced.

This development comes after only 10 months of the new president in power, and a week’s worth of heavy speculation, after the president himself said that major changes to his cabinet were afoot.

Cyprus’ new defense minister is Vassilis Palmas – an experienced politician who previously served as deputy minister and spokesperson for the government across two administrations.

Michalis Damianos is now the health minister – he is a veteran lawyer and runs a private practice.

Maria Panayiotou, a professor of history and previously the environment commissioner is now set to serve her term as the minister for environment & agriculture.

The ministry of justice shall be led by Marios Hartsiotis, who has a degree in theology and like Damianos is a practicing lawyer.

Last but not least, Marilena Raouna, who had so far served chief of the diplomatic office of the President will move to being the deputy minister for European affairs.