The Foreign Ministry of Cyprus has announced that Cyprus has been given the greenlight by Israel to send necessities to the Gaza Strip via sea.

The aim of the exercise, which is expected to last for a few months, and to help Gaza’s Palestinian civilians get the help they so desperately need. As of now, over 2.5 million of them have no access to gas, medicine food or water – and only a small amount of aid has been trickling in through their coastlines.

This development comes after the United Nations Security Council’s passing of the resolution that calls for unconditional aid being delivered in similar situations.

According to Lior Halat, a spokesperson for Israel’s Foreign Ministry Israel intends to uphold the same and for now has approved sending aid, albeit via strict routes and with close supervision from Israeli authorities within Cyprus prior to their eventual delivery. Halat further added that certain logistical issues have yet to be resolved.

So far, the island nation has offered to establish a humanitarian pathway to help in the collection, inspection and storage of aid packages to Gaza – which is roughly 210 nautical miles away. The Cypriot government has finished its side of procedural work and is waiting for the Israelis to do their part.