The Cypriot government has launched an inquiry into the alleged accusations from the country’s prisons’ director. The allegation in question is about a senior police officer who recruited an inmate for the purpose of gathering information about her private life and using the same to blackmail her.

Lawyer Achilleas Emilianides has been appointed by Attorney General George Savvides to conduct the investigation into Prisons’ chief Anna Aristotelous’s allegations, along with that of Athena Demetriou, her deputy. Savvides is of the opinion that the investigation should come to a conclusion within a month.

While Aristotelous has not specified any ulterior motives on the part of the police officer to decode the inmate, he has admitted to something sinister going on beneath the surface.

The inmate in question is currently serving a long sentence on drug conviction. According to the Prisons’ Director, he had been communicating with the police officer via an illegal cell phone.

It is not yet clear if the senior officer has been suspended, however Aristotelous has said that it should be done on account of the risk his not being arrested poses to the investigation.

According to Marios Pelekanos, a spokesperson for the government, further steps will be taken after the investigation is complete to make sure that the proper responsibility is assigned.