The Cyprus Police are actively searching for a 34-year-old woman who they suspect stole a 61-year-old man’s car and thereafter sold it.

According to Michalis Nicolaou, the chief and spokesperson for the CID in Paphos, the woman burglarized the 61-year-old man’s office, and stole several items – including his car keys.

The police believe that the woman then proceeded to take the car, which at that time was parked outside of the office.

The police did locate the car being driven by a man, 24 – on the basis of a tip-off. The police questioned the man, who failed to give adequate answers – and then arrested him with an illegal possession of stolen vehicle charge.

Upon further investigation, the police found out that the 34-year-old woman in fact sold the car to the 24-year-old man who was found driving it.