As the deadly fires that broke out between Limnati and Doros are under control, the fire service has finally begun its investigation into the same.

Andreas Kettis, a spokesman for the fire service, informed the CNA that the forces on the ground managed to contain the flares and small fires, while the airborne team was activated in the morning to ensure that the fire had been doused.

The fire caused a lot of damages, including burning off trees, dry grass and over 1 sq. km. of vegetation, potentially started on from a pile of garbage on the side of a road in the rural areas.

According to spokesman Kettis, the fire started in a location that was remote and tough to pinpoint.

The fire services had to execute their “Ikaros II” plan, which included the 7 aerial vehicles, ground firefighters from every district in Cyprus, the department of forests, Emak, the district office, the game fund, the civil defense, and of course, several volunteers.