The authorities in Cyprus executed a major rescue mission, and saved sixty 60 Syrian nationals, children included.

According to them, they were all severely “distressed & dehydrated” having been afloat in the sea.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC), which led the operation initially found the boat afloat over thirty nautical miles from the south-eastern coast of Cyprus.

Upon their rescue, a vessel of the Cypriot maritime police provided first aid, closely followed by 2 helicopters and a boat. The injured and severely ill were soon tended to. Four, including an adult and 3 children were unconscious, while 3 other people sustained fractures in their legs.

Some of the children still remain hospitalized.

According to several reports, their wooden boat could not reach Cyprus on account of the storms.

According to Constantinos Ioannou, the Interior Minister of Cyprus, emphasized how this arrival proves that humans in such situation are in grave danger, and have largely suffered at the hands of traffickers.

He further added that Cyprus recommends to open a unit in the Europol in collaboration with the Government of Lebanon, so that they can handle the situation at Cypriot borders.