Organic farming in Cyprus has made big advances in the past 20 years.

Petros Xenophontos, the Minister of Agriculture of the island nation made said announcement at Denia’s yearly organic farming celebration.

He further elaborated how the numbers of organic farming have moved up from 0.22% of total farming in 2003, to 5.87% of total farming in 2023; meanwhile the number of farmers in the industry has grown from 85 to over 1500 in this time period.

He then mentioned how their goal is to reach at least 7.5% by the year 2025, and commended the efforts of our organic farmers.

He went on to state the various obstacles that organic farmers face – most of which is rooted in the lack of budget.

He also said, however, that the country at large is trying to move past it through strategic programs and plans aimed to encourage the growth of chemical-free cultivation.