Several schools were evacuated in Cyprus after they received anonymous emails with threats of them being targeted with bombs. Scared and panicked, authorities led evacuating students from their schools on a large scale.

The emails, later made public by the media were very graphic, containing pledges saying things like “drown you in your blood” & “sever your necks;” they are suspected of having their background in Islamist extremist beliefs.

Some kindergartens, as well nearly every secondary and primary school received this threat.

According to Christos Andreou, the spokesperson for the Cyprus Police, the evacuations were executed without incident, and no bomb has been found.

Several panicked parents collected their kids straight from the schools.

The email threats made references to the Sharia Islamic law, with the email’s author saying that those who did not believe in it deserved to be punished.

The message was in Greek, but the structure appeared to have been translated on the internet. Investigators are doing their best to find out the source of the email.