Cyprus saw the international youth event ‘Youth 4 HEALTH’ being held in Agros before Easter.

The event, which was by Youth Dynamics had a total of 68 attendees – all youth from Hungary, France, Greece, and of course Cyprus.

Financed partially by the EU, the event was part of the Erasmus + program

The meeting discussed topics surrounding maintaining good health and lifestyle practices, with young people working in groups to brainstorm a variety of ideas to improve health awareness among the youth.

Topics discussed include processed foods, obesity, mental health problems, and the general reduction in physical activity – all of which affect the youth at wholesale rates.

The attendees also visited the Cyprus Sports Medicine & Research Center, where they got to know more about preventative health interventions and preventing factors for longevity. They also found out more about how wellness and health of athletes can be better promoted while training.

Participants who completed the training successfully were presented with the EU certificate ‘Youthpass.’