Many Israeli citizens are abandoning Israel and arriving in Cyprus for better opportunities, due to the war with Hamas.


A spokeswoman for Cypriot airports revealed that various international airlines have suspended their flights which have Tel Aviv as their destination or departure point.


However, several ‘emergency’ flights have been scheduled – including over 20 arrivals and departures within the space of 48 hours.


Maria Kouroupi, Hermes Airports’ Senior Director, Aviation Development & Communication said in a statement to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) about these flights, filled with Israeli nationals escaping the country, along with some foreign nationals – all of whom are seeking shelter in the island nation of Cyprus.


Kouroupi further added that Larnaca Airport which lies forty minutes away from Tel Aviv by air, will function as a transitory point should evacuating foreign nationals become absolutely necessary.


According to Nikos Christodoulides, the President of Cyprus, the authorities have increased the level of controls in various parts of Cyprus to brace themselves against any attacks against Israelis living on the island nation.