Two monks from the Monastery of Saint Avvakoum (Habbakuk) in the village of Fterikoudi have been booked for embezzlement and sexual assault.

The monks in question have been found to have engaged in sexual activities in the monastery itself.

The matter became worse when, in the face of their denial, hard evidence emerged in the form of CCTV footage that pretty much proves the allegation to be true.

The development spurred the Bishop of Tamassos and Oreinis – the jurisdiction to which the Saint Avvakoum Monastery belongs, to close shut down the establishment and communicate with the Holy Synod.

The Synod, in return, will most likely defrock said monks. The monks themselves have asked for the same to keep more scandal at bay.

The monks’ offenses also include exploitation of finances.

Specifically, they were instrumental in luring thousands claiming “miraculous” events, such as dripping of myrrh and tears coming from photos. The monks were actively promoting this via both social media and mainstream one. They even encouraged people to donate offering – which was found in a cumulating “stash” of valuable items and money – with a combined worth of one million Euros.

Furthermore, the monks each had bank accounts with huge balances, and even used some of the money to buy property in Cyprus and in Piraeus, to use as they saw fit.