Cyprus’ public employee’s independent union (Asdyk)’s police division has made a statement to the public, expressing their frustration over the Ministry of Finance’s rule for calculation of payment of Police Officers on election duty.

The payments are to be made based on the A3 pay system for civil service officers, meaning police officers on election duty will earn less than their usual pay.

This includes several thousand police officers – many of whom have more than a decade of service and are upwards of A7 on the Pau snake.

They will all perform strenuous twenty-hour shifts and be paid much lesser – a frustrating prospect indeed.

The asdyk is requesting the Ministry of Finance to consider their standing on the matter and not cut on expenses at the cost of paying some of the high-earning law enforcement officers the lowest possible salary for putting the least amount of effort, given as the this is a one-day-affair that will not repeat for years to come.

Their demand is that the police officers be compensated according to their current pay scale based on the hours of work.

They also spoke about an order from the chief of police, which pretty much forced police officers to work overtime, but were paid time off rate for it.