More clouds in the sky are expected, bringing with them rain showers and isolated storms.

The latter are expected to occur primarily on the eastern coast, inland and in the mountainous regions.

Meanwhile the average temperatures are set to rise up to 26 degrees Celsius in the eastern and south-eastern coasts, 27 degrees Celsius inland and 16 degrees Celsius in the mountainous regions. Winds are expected to go up to three on the Beaufort scale, making a turn towards south and to the to north westerly, making its way up to moderate speeds at four on the Beaufort scale.

Some roughness is expected in the seas.

The night skies are expected to be clear, with some clouds on the lower and fogs towards sunrise the next day. At this point, the temperatures shall decrease to around 15 degrees Celsius in the coastal regions, 14 degrees Celsius inland and 10 degrees Celsius in the mountainous regions.

Wind speed at this point is expected to be three on the Beaufort scale, while the sea is expected to be less rough.