Unal Ustel, the Turkish Cypriot leader or self-proclaimed ‘prime minister’ of Northern Cyprus has revealed to Turkish Cypriot media that he has fired two people for using the wrong photo on their lottery tickets.

The mistake happened as the ticket, which was supposed to depict Turkish Cypriots, was in reality portraying an image of Greek Cypriot Eoka members celebrating after having captured an area previously occupied by the Turkish Cypriots.

The inclusion of this image led to a bitter political war in the media, and led to officials landing in hot water.

The two people being fired are Osman Uzun – who will now be replaced by Turgut Sunalp as the head of the lottery division; and Huseyin Cahitoglu – who will now be replaced by Berhan Ongan as the head of the sports division.

The lottery tickets, which were issued in memory of the battle of Tylliria, are now being recalled on a mass scale.