13 Arrested as Casinos get raided by Bases police


In what is being considered a new move against crime in Cyprus, an illegal casino in Trachoni, Limassol was raided by the British bases (SBA) police on Tuesday, arresting 13 people and seizing several merchandise including gambling tables, computers, and cash.

Conducted by SBA police at 8pm on Tuesday morning, the authorities found the illegal establishment, which was already the subject of a closure order, occupied by 10 people who playing the gambling tables. Upon searching the building further, they found a woman and three men – all of whom were trying to hide from the police.

Led by Chief Inspector Panicos Panayi, the raid team consisted of 10 Bases police officers in total.

Chief Inspector Panayi stated how peaceful the raid actually was, along with the fact that the people found didn’t even make an effort to put any resistance. The top cop added that this was perhaps due to the fact that the people inside the illegal establishment knew that there simply was no chance to escape.

The 13 people who were found were arrested and taken to the Akrotiri police station. Other materials that were seized from the casino included 36 gambling computers, 11 blackjack tables, two roulette tables, and €1000 in cash. Also found was a sophisticated security camera system that was used in the establishment, whose data will soon be analyzed by the authorities.

Sean Tully spokesman for the Bases, spoke on the matter, stating that illegal gambling is absolutely intolerable and if found, will be dealt with the strictest hand. He further added that this raid should act as a warning for other who think that they can get away with breaking the law run such kind of establishments.