In a bid to renew its branding and give it some much needed freshness, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism has decided to lose its Love Cyprus’ logo and in about a year’s time will be coming up with a brand-new image that will represent the wonders of traveling on the popular holiday Mediterranean island.

Deputy Minister Savvas Perdios has revealed that besides a new logo Cyprus will debut with new color schemes and photos at the 2020 tourism exhibition in Berlin.

He added that while they are making this change highlight the unique selling points of the island nation, the most important factor here is to find the funding that will finance the tender call worth €2 million. While the amount will come from of national funds, The House of Representatives will have to approve the relevant amounts that will be included in annual budgets. For this to happen, the Deputy Ministry of

The contractor in question will be responsible for preparing and creating any and all creative materials to bring the new branding to action, along with designing and producing said material for commercial and advertising purposes.