The airports on the island nation have observed an increase in passenger traffic by 3.7 percent – which gives everyone working in the sector – workers and stakeholders alike – some much-needed hope 2019 too would go on to reach last year’s record four million arrivals.

Hermes Airports has revealed that the from January 2019 to April 2019, the number of passengers passing through Paphos and Larnaca airports was 2.26 million, increasing by over 3.7% 2018’s 2.18 million during the same period.

The credit for the increase is being given to the Paphos airport’s dramatic increase in flow of passengers. Between 2019, January to April period, 641,100 passengers passed the airport – up by an impressive 13.4% from 2018. Larnaca airport, on the other hand, had an increase of just 0.3% – going up to 1.62 million in passenger flow from 2018’s 1.61 million.

Paphos has been having a massive increase in passenger flow – in April alone the upswing there was a record 3.7 percent, compared to Larnaca’s much lower 1.2%.