While the victims of Nicosia’s double murder incident have been laid to rest, the police are continuing their investigation into finding the murderer.

Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou, 60, English School maths teacher and his 59-year-old wife, Dina Sergiou, an employee of the Central bank were laid to rest in Strovolos, a little away from their home where they were found murdered.

According to the post-mortem, Hadjigeorgiou had been stabbed at least 25 times while his wife received at least 10 blows. Both were found with a defensive wound on their right arm.

The couple is survived by their 15-year-old adopted son, who was also the sole witness. He says that two hooded people had forcefully entered the house and told him that they would not hurt him. He panicked and fled and finally took shelter in a neighboring house.

The Police, on the other hand, have not found any sign of forced entry and/or robbery and have not found the murder weapon either.

Andreas Angelides, police spokesman has assured the Police’s intentions to stay put on the case, saying that the investigation procedure will not stop until the murderer is found and arrested.