The manufacture and sale of fake diamonds in Cyprus has been on the rise, and recent events show that the case is in fact pretty widespread. A 34-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the sale of fake diamonds in Cyprus.

Apparently, the man, a resident of the island country, was involved in the sale, which was reported by a jeweler in Larnaca. The 34-year-old is now the second person who has been arrested for the case.

The first person to be arrested by the police was a 59-year-old man from Larnaca, who, according to the jeweler, had visited his shop and sold him 4 fake diamonds for a high-price of €44,000.

The jeweler, who felt unsure about the nature of the diamonds only found out the truth after showing the diamonds to a gemstone expert, who confirmed that they were in fact fake and shouldn’t have been sold for anything more than €2,500.