The item found at Kokkini Limni in Mitsero – the site of the mass dumping of killed women – has been determined as completely unconnected to the case.

The item, which consists of several of sponges that are tied to a piece of wood, which are wrapped in a carpet, is actually a prop from “I Sfagi tou Kokora” (literally, the killing of the rooster) a film that was directed by Andreas Pantzis and released in 1996. In the movie, the protagonist (Georges Corraface) wrapped the “body” in the carpet and dropped it in the very toxic lake.

The item came up during the thorough search being made by the police, who have been using divers, robotic cameras, as well as sonar equipment to find murder victims.

According to Pantzis, he had alerted the police of the possibility of finding the prop as he was aware of it being thrown during filming.

Meanwhile, the serial killer in question is a Greek Cypriot army officer who confessed to having murdered 5 women and 2 children. His confession included the fact that the bodies of three of his victims two women and a child were put in suitcases and thrown into the Kokkini Limni. Two of these have been recovered, and search for a third one is still underway.