Environmental consciousness has become the norm, and companies are increasingly swaying towards making eco-friendliness products.

In the latest such initiative, Lidl Cyprus has just launched its own shoes that have be made with recycled waste.

Named the Ocean Bound Plastic Crivit Shoes, these are made from 25 percent PET bottles that have been collected from the coastal areas and islands, along with 75 percent recycled polyester. This concoction will help both clear and protect the ocean, while protecting first-hand materials.

These new trainers are available for all ranges – children, men, and women. Plus, they are just as comfortable and durable as their conventional counterparts, while maintaining an affordable price.

This shows come as part of the REset Plastic, an initiative by the Schwarz Group, which aims to reduce the impact of plastic waste by reducing plastic wastage as much as possible.

Lidl Cyprus is a participant within this initiative. The company has 5 areas of action – Reduce (i.e. reducing plastic use as much as possible), Redesign (i.e. redesigning plastic to make them recyclable and prolong their life cycle), Recycle (i.e. collecting and sorting recyclable materials and close the life cycle of raw materials), Remove (i.e. supporting campaigns that advocate plastic waste removal); and Research (Looking for ways to develop innovative solutions recycling used materials and protecting new ones.

Lidl aims to reduce the use of new plastic to at least 20% by the year 2025.