Status Of Cypriots Working In British Bases Up For Negotiation

In what is being considered breakthrough news after a long period of inactivity, Ioannis Kasoulides, Cyprus’ Foreign Minister has announced that the Cypriot government will negotiate with their British counterparts the status of Cypriots who have been working and/or living in British military bases. The discussions will be made keeping Brexit in view.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Mr. Kasoulides told reporters that the negotiations between the governments of the UK and the Republic of Cyprus and will concern rights of Cypriots who are living and working on British bases, and attempt to keep the same attached to the treaty of Great Britain’s secession from the EU.

Mr. Kasoulides added that the upcoming negotiations between Cyprus and Britain as regards what to what happens to Cypriots working on British bases after will start on Oct. 11th, something that automatically dismissed calls from deputies to put their own closure on the matter. The minister also confirmed the European Commission’s agreement to not take any steps unless the Republic of Cyprus explicitly agrees and allows the country to enter bilateral negotiations.

According to Mr. Kasoulides, the main factor they want maintained post-Brexit is for the rights of Cypriot nationals working on British bases to remain the same as they are under the currently installed regime. Under this (pre-Brexit) regime, the acquis was able to be applied successfully in the British Bases – according to Protocol 3 of the Accession Treaty of Cyprus to the EU.