Cyprus And Russia Sign New Important Agreement

In what is being considered an interesting new development in European political relations at large, Cyprus and Russia have signed a new protocol, which outlines prospects and possibilities to expand the level of cooperation of cooperation between the two countries, including (but not limited to) telecoms and information technology, transport, industrial cooperation, innovation, and medical services.

Delegations were made on relevant issues between the two countries at the 10th summit of the Cyprus-Russia Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation held at Nicosia, which was headed by Harris Georgiades, Cypriot Finance Minister and Alexey Gruzdev, Russian Deputy Minister of Economic.

The meeting acted as a preparation of sorts for the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades’ forthcoming visit to the Russian capital.
Speaking to the press after signing the protocol, Mr. Georgiades explained how the new protocol will be instrument in expanding relations based on good faith and practice between the two countries. He even went on to call Russia an “extremely important partner” for Cyprus, explaining how Cypriot exports worth over €1.3 billion go to the country. He also elaborated on Russia being an important political ally for Cyprus.

Mr. Gruzdev too, had nothing but good words. Not only did he describe the meeting as “very fruitful,” he also proceeded to explain the relationship of Russia and Cyprus are strategic partners in various spheres of politics, business and commerce.