More Young People Should Get Into Politics, Says Russian Party

Young people make better talent and mean more progress, and Cypriot politics is no exception to the rule.
I, the Citizen, Cyprus’ youngest party made this point very clear just as it announced the start of its operations via a well-executed press release.

At the party’s inaugural press release, members stressed on the importance of having more young people get into politics. Many of the backers and founders of the popularly-called “Russian Party” also went on to highlight its key goals, which includes eliminating corruption and fostering a hi-tech culture which would integrate religious freedom, multiculturalism, and multi-ethnicity. They further added that these goals can only be truly and properly realized if and when the younger demographic takes an active part in the matters.

The press release reflected this view of the party and its members, saying that it is of utmost importance for the able, young, and educated to get and stay actively involved in the political scenario of the country.

The party, which aims to integrate all Cypriots and EU citizens at large, is being led by Mr. Alexey Voloboev, a Russian-born Cypriot businessman and citizen who has been based out of the island country for over 15 years.