Over 2,000 In Cyprus Die From Heart Diseases Every Year

In what is being regarded as a shocking news, The Cyprus Society of Cardiology announced on World Heart Day that over 2,000 people in Cyprus die every year due to heart disease, while over 40,000 other undergo serious treatment for some or the other heart-related problem.
According to the results of several epidemiological studies that were recently conducted in Cyprus by the Society, 27.8 percent of all adults were obese and 36.1 percent were overweight. Children under too had a less-than-desirable percentage of overweightedness and obesity, with 8.1 percent of children in the former and 20.1 percent in the latter category.

Dr Georgos Georgiou, Chairman of The Cyprus Society of Cardiology spoke on the issue at a news conference which marked World Heart Day, under the slogan ‘Give your Heart Strength’. Announcing a brand new enlightenment campaign that will be organized by the society in all towns on Friday, Dr. Georgiou explained how the campaign aims to make the public more aware about cardiovascular diseases, which have been an increasing cause for concern in several developed countries all over the world.

The campaign will be presided over by Cardiologists, who will make it point to inform the public about the functioning and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and provide informative brochures. They will also take people’s blood pressure at no charge.

The campaigns will be held at Ermou square in Larnaca, My Mall in Limassol, the Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia, and Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos.