In a rather rare turn of events, a car that recently reported as stolen along with its owner has been found in northern Cyprus.

The car, whose theft was reported by its owner, 65-year-old Solomos Apostolidis, was missing for over three days before being finally located in Karavas on Saturday.

Kibris, a Turkish Cypriot newspaper, has reported that the car was located in Karavas close to a military area. The car contained Mr. Apostolidis’ passport and card, along with some cash.

Apostolidis, who apparently had crossed over to north Cyprus via the Astromeritis crossing, was last seen spending time at a casino in Kyrenia

Kibris also took a statement from Apostolidis’ brother, who expressed his concern regarding the missing status of his brother. He went on to express his family’s concern for his life.

A missing person bulletin for Apostolidis has been lodged by the Police.