In a news that causes nothing but worry and concern among locals and law enforcement alike, over €364,000 worth of valuables and cash have been stolen from a villa in Kouklia. Paphos Police is currently investigating the burglary, which took place early on Saturday.

The occupant of the villa is a Russian businessman, 44, who was also the one to report the break-in to the Paphos police. According to the investigators’ preliminary findings, the perpetrator (or perpetrators) gained access to the villa by breaching the wooden kitchen door.

It was also confirmed that none of the stolen valuables were insured.

This has not been the first time such an incident has occurred in recent times. In fact, on the very same day (Saturday), a holiday home in Kissonerga had been burgled, with items worth €6,500 having been stolen. In this case too, the incident was reported by the owner, who further added among the stolen items were his stamp, a coin, two hunting weapons, sword collection and several types of paper currency. Several electrical appliances were also missing.

According to investigators, the perpetrator (or perpetrators) in this case had entered through closed (but not locked) aluminium balcony door in the bedroom.

While the house did have an alarm, it was not operational at the time. Furthermore, none of the items were insured. The police said that even the security camera system was destroyed.

Yet another incident at Coral Bay had a hotel resident reporting that that the safe in his room was stolen, along with his credit cards, ID, wallet, two car keys, and €30 worth cash.