In a news that has people enthralled, an unidentified “glow” that appeared over the Nicosia sky and over the Limassol motorway has scores of people wondering what its reason may be.

Filmed first at 5:50 SM, the “glow” appeared as a triangular-shaped beam of light and has since been the object of several theories from experts and laymen alike.

Surprisingly, both the Fire Department and the Police claim that they were not contacted by anyone, and that they have neither knowledge nor information of the incident.

According to Chrysanthos Fakas, an astrophysicist who spoke with Sigma (a local channel), the “glow” is not a meteorite, and in fact looks similar to a gas cone, which is often left behind by rockets.

Parallel to this, the western Russian city of Lipetsk saw a similar-looking a ball of light in its night sky, which was later seen exploding in mid-air.