Honesty is indeed the best policy – and the latest incident proves that this is anything but false. Costas Tanos, the honest and brave bus driver who promptly returned an elderly man’s €10,000 after the latter has left the money in his vehicle was recently honoured by House President Demetris Syllouris.

House President Syllouris awarded the driver with a plaque and a certificate and went on to express how Tanos’ action reverberates a resounding positivity throughout a society which is riddled with people facing financial problems. His actions prove that humanity truly exists, in spite of all troubles.

Ever the modest man, Tanos claims that the did nothing more than what he thought was obvious. He extended his thanks to officials all the same.

Mr. Tanos, bus driver of age 54 living in Lakatamia, Nicosia, found the bag filled with money neat the driver’s seat after completing route two hundred from the local bus station to the hospital and stadium.

He soon remembered that an older gentleman who had earlier come on board with a very similar bag. Remembering that the man got down at the hospital, he too did the same, found the owner, and promptly returned the bag to him.

The elderly man, who was clearly very grateful, offered Tanos a reward, but the latter refused, saying that what he did was his duty, and nothing out of the ordinary.