Cyprus has been found to have the 3rd highest share of workers who work part-time due to the unavailability of a full-time job.

According to a study by Eurostat, over 70 percent of the 65 percent people of the total population who worked part time jobs was because they simply could not find a job that employs them full time and pays accordingly. Given the lack of choices and the requirements of life (family, bills, loans, etc.) these people opted for part-time employment to escape unemployment. Other reasons were being in education, holding another part-time job, and having to spend time to look after family members and relatives. Several women reported to resort to part time jobs in order to balance their other responsibilities.

Among the EU member states, the highest share of people working part-time went to Greece (70%), followed by Italy (66%), Cyprus stood third, after which came Bulgaria (59%).

The lowest shares were taken up by Estonia at 6% followed by Slovenia, Belgium, and Czechia at 7% each.