Legislators all over the island nation have asked for an independent study to be made to research the potential health hazards of 5G before it is actually approved.

Akel MP Adamos Adamou announced to reporters that before issuing 5G licenses, a thorough account of the health of people must be taken into account. He added that while the addition of new technology would leave both the private and public sectors profited, the health and safety of citizens always comes first.

In recent days, professors and scientists have done and cited research that show that areas with higher levels of electromagnetic radiation tend to have more cases of cancer. According to the headmaster of a primary school in Nicosia, a cluster of cancer cases had occurred after the installation of three mobile phone masts – all within 20 metres of the school.

Whereas the pilot program for testing 5G is yet to happen in Cyprus, a couple of 5G Antennas have been installed in the town centre and along the coast of Limassol as a part of Cyta’s preparation phase phase. It is one of the many local telecom companies that have been given the license to run pilot 5G programmes subject to the approval of the legislature.