In a bid to crack down on threats and enemies and make the eastern Mediterranean region a safer place, Cyprus, Israel and Greece’s defense ministers have emphasized on the need to forge better military ties.

Savvas Angelides, Avigdor Lieberman and Panos Kammenos – the defense ministers of Cyprus, Israel and Greece respectively, have all recently expressed their plans to expand cybersecurity along with joint military drills as well search and rescue operations in the eastern Mediterranean.

According to Defense Minister Lieberman, there is a credible threat of terror attacks and challenges caused by illegal migration in this region, which requires immediate attention. This will truly effective only when countries counter threats together, as they all share the region and are affected by it. Defense Minister Lieberman also added that Israel will be hosting the next trilateral meeting of the Defense Ministers.

The three ministers also hailed the first conference which brought them together along with various Cypriot, Greek and Israeli companies that are active in the defense sector.