Cyprus Makes Effort to Establish Itself as a Desirable Filming Destination


After seeing the considerable impact filming has on a country’s perception and economy, Cyprus too is making its own set of efforts to establish itself as a filming destination for film makers far and wide.

Branding their work as Olivewood, the island nation has decided to offer lucrative incentives to film makers who choose to film in the country. Incentives are many, and include seamless paperwork process, less red tape, tax credit of up to 35 percent, and cash rebates of up to 35 percent as well. is

According to Antonis Antoniou, a contributor for Forbes, not only is the effort lucrative because of the incentives in question, they extend beyond films and to other media formats such as mini-series, TV series, Made-for-TV movies, documentaries, and animations. The aim here is not just to attract film makers but to attract new talent and capital from producers all over the globe.

Mr. Antoniou also remarked on the smart move of naming the industry as ‘Olivewood,’ much on the lines of Bollywood and Hollywood, paying reference to the famous olive fields of the island nation.

Two films are currently undergoing shooting in Cyprus – William Baldwin-starrer ‘S.O.S: Survive or Sacrifice’ and Nicolas Cage-starrer ‘Jiu-Jitsu.’