Cyprus Sees An Increase In British Visitors

In what is being considered great news for Cyprus’s tourism industry and for Cypriot-British relations, the island country has witnessed a much larger influx of tourists from UK rising in the months of July and August, making 2017 a record-breaking year for UK-to-Cyprus tourism.

UK-to-Cyprus travel grew by an impressive 6% year-on-year in July to 176,880 visitors and by an even more impressive 7.9% in August to 185,831 visitors. Travel in the first eight months of the year (i.e. from January to August) collectively went up by 8.6% and had over 874,055 visitors, while the total visitor arrivals reached 2.5 million, as opposed to 2.2 million the year before.

Orestis Rossides, UK Director of the Cyprus Tourism Organization, was nothing short of delighted over the matter. Stressing on how tourism is one of Cyprus’s most important sectors, Rossides stated that he was proud to announce that 2017 would go on to be yet another record-breaking year for them. He further added that the Cyprus Tourism Organizations plans to reach 6 million global tourist arrivals by 2030, and to that end intend to provide the best amenities and necessary infrastructure.