Shocking as it may seem for a rapidly progressing nation, a Eurostat report has recently revealed that Cyprus only 9% of its energy consumption comes from RES, which is quite the bleak situation considering its EU-mandated goal to at least 20 per cent RES share by the year 2020.

Cyprus ranks as one of four countries in the EU where less than 10 per cent of electricity consumed comes from renewable energy sources. The island country is fourth on the list, with Malta at the bottom at 6 per cent, and Hungary and Luxembourg thereafter at 7 per cent each.

The report also revealed the states which were using more than half their electricity consumption from renewable sources. This list included Latvia at 51%, Denmark and Portugal at 54% each, Sweden at 65 per cent, and Austria (73 per cent).

Notably, Norway stands as the sole European country to produces more than its consumption at 104.7 per cent. Hydropower makes of 99 per cent of this.