The 62-year-old man who was arrested on Sunday for shooting a dog dead has been released after being charged.

The man was arrested following a complaint from the owner of the dog, another 53-year-old from Paphos, who had seen the older man shooting both his dogs in his own front yard, one of whom was shot dead while the other injured.

According to the shooter, he did so in defense of the dogs earlier getting into his yard and killing his rabbits. He did try to throw water first to shoo them away but resorted to shooting them as when they became aggressive.

The Police are currently investigating the matter and looking into whether the owner of the dogs did in fact taken precautions to secure them. The man has claimed innocence, saying that the dogs must have run out when no one was looking and one of the gates was open.

The dead dog and rabbits were taken by the vet department while the injured dog was taken to a vet for treatment.

The vet department confirmed that the cause of death for the dog’s was gunshot wound caused by the hunting rifle. It also confirmed dog bite marks on the rabbits.