Disorderliness has no exception, and the latest incident has proved that the country of Cyprus intends to make that very clear to all – citizens or not.

A drunk Swedish tourist was recently fined and asked to pay €400 by the Famagusta district court for being in possession of a collapsible baton, a sledgehammer and two knives. Said weapons were found by the Police in the man’s car once they stopped him for reckless driving in Protaras right before midnight.

According to the arresting and standby officers, the car was seen coming from the opposite direction of Protaras avenue. Not only did it have its headlights on, it was being driven at a dangerously greater speed, was overtaking other vehicles without any regard of the rules, drove right through a red traffic light.

After chasing and halting the car, the police found the 28-year-old tourist in the driver’s seat, smelling strongly of alcohol. The police arrested him, and after taking the breathalyzer test, found that the reading showed 60µg (as opposed to the permitted 22µg).

After being charged €300 by the Police for driving under the influence of alcohol and being arrested, the tourist was charged a fine of €400 by the district court and was only released after said fines were paid in full.