A high-ranking court in Cyprus has ordered two asylum-seekers to be detained on suspicion that they were responsible for instigating an uprising at an immigrant reception center, which involved perpetrators setting trash bins and furniture on fire and causing massive damage to the office at large.

According to members of the Cyprus police force, the incidence of violence which took place on Friday night has over 25 people expressing their aggression at the Kofinou reception center. They added that they have arrested a third man who they suspect is also responsible.

Kypros Kyprianou, a senior official from the Cypriot Interior Ministry, was recently quoted by the government-run Cyprus News Agency. Kyprianou said on Saturday that those who were detained were among the forty Eritreans who arrived to Cyprus from Italy as part of an EU-sponsored transfer program.

According to Kyprianou, it is highly suspected that the detained carried out the actions they were accused because they were angered at having their allowances deducted after they failed to work in accordance with regulations.