Pakistan Initiating Harmonious Relationship with Turkish Cyprus


In an unexpected diplomatic move, the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi has pledged for cohesion with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

President Alvi, who was present at the launching ceremony of MILGEM-class corvette ship (which Turkey has built for Pakistan), stated that while the two nations might be different in terms of language and culture, they are one at heart.

The TNRC & Turkey are both known to make diplomatic endeavors in order to gather international support from countries such as Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

When Turkey declared their goal of the TNRC getting official status (called the “Baku Declaration”) in Geneva, both Azerbaijan and Pakistan welcomed and endorsed Turkey.

Prior to this, the countries accepted the Baku Declaration by carrying out a ceremony within the premises of the Azerbaijani parliament – an exercise aimed at enhancing the bondage between the three nations.

The island nation of Cyprus has been a divided nation since 1974, when a coup by Greek Cypriots to capture the island led to a massive violence and bloodshed between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and ultimately Ankara interfering as the guarantor power.