Staycations as the Only Option for Cypriots Due To Coronavirus


People are wary of the precautions and measures against the spread of coronavirus. As a result, far less people are traveling abroad.

According to Vassilis Stamataris, a travel agency, while traffic at the airports in Cyprus has surely increased in the last months, it is still much lesser than that in 2019.

Notably, most – if not all – of the travelers are fully vaccinated.

The travel agency further revealed that of all the Cypriots who are traveling, around half of them have Greece as their destination. The remaining half is seemingly confined to visiting those European countries where Covid-19 protocols are defined and understandable.

Many airlines, such as Blue Air, Sky Express, Aegean Airlines, Gulf Air etc., are offering flights to Greece.

However, since Cyprus is still a ‘red’ country in terms of its safety status, the requirements from Cypriots are more elaborate compared to the citizens of other EU countries.

All of these reasons combined are leading to more Cypriots opting for Stay-cations than going abroad.