The Mayor of Pahpos has announced that the famous Paphos carnival parade which was set to take place on Saturday has now been to Sunday.

Making the announcement on social media, Mayor Phedonas Phedonos said that the parade will be held on Sunday afternoon (instead of Saturday afternoon), due to unprecedented bad weather. The news was duly confirmed by a spokesman for the municipality.

The Paphos carnival will be held along Poseidonos Avenue in Kato Paphos on Sunday.

The Paphos environment is currently undergoing a lot of turbulence, with less-than-desirable weather conditions and pollutant levels as high as a ‘3’.

With a high volume of small-sized particles floating around the atmosphere, authorities are advising vulnerable groups like elderly, children, and pregnant women and patients to avoid going out into open spaces, especially when the pollutant levels are high.

According to the spokesman, the dust, which has originated from Africa, will remain till Friday evening and will only move away once the rain comes in.