Crime in Cyprus has been rising, and recent events prove that this problem is not reducing soon. In a very concerning news, Paphos police have been very busy after being alerted to three different burglaries in the Paphos district on Sunday. Two of these were done in Peyia while one was done in Tsada.

Reported by a A-year-old Peyia homeowner, the incident has unknown people entering her home in her absence (between 6.15pm and 7.30pm). They got away with €220 and with jewelry whose value has not yet been determined.

The perpetrators did not stop at this, having gone on to rob another residence that was located opposite to the former. This residence belongs to a British couple who were abroad at the time. Stolen items for this property are as of yet unknown.

It was later found the thieves also managed to break into a Tsada residence between 4.15pm and 6.30pm. They took valuables worth €4,800 and €200 in cash.

The thieves were identified by their method which in all three cases was forcing open the doors with the help of sharp objects.