Players of the Anorthosis football team got their jab of the COVID-19 vaccine before their participation in the European fixtures.

According to a statement from Demetris Christoforou, a spokesman for the club, the team decided to green light the vaccination in order for them to be eligible for the green pass required to travel abroad.

Upon being asked if the vaccines would play a role in bringing about a better future, Mr. Christoforou praised the medical community, saying that it was only medicine that could end the pandemic.

He further added that he hopes that the vaccine, along with a future drug specifically for the virus is the aim, and will help footballers and the sporting community at large in gaining back their motivation.

He went on to explain how difficult it is for footballers to maintain motivation when playing without people. The vaccine will help people get back to where they used to be – faster.

Those who were vaccinated will have the day off.

Players from the Aei, Omonia and Apollon clubs have already received their doses of the coronavirus vaccine.